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I am a long time software engineer and technologist. I had my first start in software programming the Commodore 64 when I was 13, and had my first professional software job in the Space Shuttle program working for a NASA contractor, I had an HP-UX Unix workstation at this job and was involved in developing shell scripts and C/C++ software. The Unix workstations ran CDE (Common Desktop Environment) which is based on X Windows, and is now obsolete, having been mostly replaced with Gnome.

So for some time now I have been wanting to learn OpenBSD, so that is why I obtained this OpenBSD account with Tilde. I had the worst luck with trying to get an OpenBSD account. I first obtained a free NetBSD shell account with SDF.ORG, then upgraded it with some payments to them, and also paid for an OpenBSD VPS with SDF.ORG as well. But the VPS would never work with SSH every time I tried to connect to it, so that was a wasted effort. Then I purchased an OpenBSD VPS with hostsailor.com, but was never able to connect to the VPS with the IP they gave me, so that was a wasted effort also. Now I have an OpenBSD account with Tilde, which is working good so far. Also when I get one of my laptops back from repairs, I am going to install OpenBSD on it, and will have a root account that way. Looking forward to working with OpenBSD.

Some of the things I do in my spare time are Scuba Diving and Surfing, and I also work on personal software projects in my spare time, hoping to have a livable income from my own technology business in the future, but at this time not selling anything, and its going to be a long time into the future before I am selling anything. I have never been married, decided years ago to never get married, and also will never have children. I just have cats!

Anyone is welcome to contact me, my username on Tilde is mworkman72, feel free to send email also, and also feel free to send me a friend request on facebook.

AT&T DSL Home Internet

For many years, I had coaxial cable internet with Brighthouse, which later became Spectrum. Over 10 years in fact. I had no complaint with this service. It worked good for streaming music and video with Netflix and YouTube. The normal cost was about $50 per month, but after the takeover of Brighthouse by Spectrum, the price became ridiculous. My combined bill for internet and basic cable steadily rose until reaching a combined $160 per month. I stopped paying my bill when I was unemployed earlier this year, and the bill steadily rose until I owed them a total of almost $400, then they cutoff my internet and cable.

So when I was employed again, and wanted to have home internet again, I decided to find what else was available. I found home internet with AT&T for $50 per month, so I decided to go with that. Later I found out that AT&T internet is actually DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), but for some unusual reason, AT&T does not call their internet DSL. I only found out it was DSL later after I started using it. I was curious what kind of cable they were going to install in my apartment. Since it is broadband internet, I assumed they would install like a cat5 ethernet cable. But when I came home after it was installed, I found only a regular phone cable plugged into a router. I was skeptical that broadband internet could be had from a regular phone cable, but was surprised to find out that it is actually quite fast internet, about the same as coaxial cable. This was really surprising to me. Also, the router they gave me is excellent. It had four hard wire ethernet ports where you could plugin your computers and laptops. I was able to have both my Windows 10 laptop, and also my Apple Macbook Pro laptop, both connected to the router at the same time. I was once again surprised by the download speeds when it only took about 25 seconds for me to download macOS Mojave to my Macbook Pro from the App Store, I think it was just the installer that was downloaded though, the actual install of macOS Mojave took an hour and a half, and may have been downloading during that time. Also the router provides speedy 5 ghz wifi, not the slower 2.5 ghz wifi. The wifi works great with my mobile phone when I want to download and install new apps for my phone, and do not want to use my mobile data.

After doing some research online about DSL, I found out some interesting things about it. The internet data is transmitted on a different frequency than voice data on the same copper line, so you can have both a phone and also an internet connection both use the same line and they will not interfere with each other. Also, the internet data can have up to a rate of 50 Mbps transfer speed (FAST!), much higher than the normal of about 18 to 20 Mbps. I am not sure if IP phones work with the router also, I am going to look into it. The higher data rate is available from AT&T, most likely for more money per month.

However, with DSL, the upload speeds are much slower than the download speeds. This is since most users are downloading all the time, not uploading. So if you are wanting to run a server at home and need to have fast upload speeds as a result, AT&T home internet at $50 a month might not be a good option.

If you are not happy with Cable TV, there are other options. One of my friends had her cable turned off, and she bought a streaming device called a ROKU. The ROKU streams channels to you through your internet connection, which it connects to over wifi. Some broadcasters like CBS provide a streaming service for only $6 per month. The ROKU lets you subscribe to paid-for channels and there is a wide selection of them. There is also many free channels. With the streaming service you also can pick and choose which shows you want to watch, including shows that have already been broadcast previously. This is in addition to getting the regular CBS channel that is broadcast in real time, just like regular TV. I am definitely getting a ROKU and CBS subscription. As an animal rights activist, one of my favorite shows is CBSs Dr. Chris Pet Vet. With the ROKU and CBS subscription I can watch any Dr. Chris episode any time I want.

I included a photo of the DSL internet router, It is a WPS BGW210. It can connect one broadband DSL line and 2 phone lines, and has 4 ethernet ports that provide a default DHCP connection for any computer you plug in, and also speedy 5 ghz wifi. The wifi comes password protected by default, so you do not have to worry about it being an open wifi connection that anyone can connect to.

AT&T is currently rolling out fiber optic line connections across the country for home internet. They have have already for some years now provided fiber service for businesses, so it will be a quite an option to have for home internet. I have no idea when AT&T Fiber will be available in my area of Florida, though. I highly recomend AT&T DSL for home internet use.

Michael G. Workman September 2, 2019